Business areas

Most of our customers operate in the metal and mining industries. For this reason, our subcontracted products include welded and machined frame and boom structures of rock drilling equipment, frame plates and jaw crusher mountings of rock crushing machinery, excavator transfer platforms and transfer mounts of earthwork machinery, and hardware components of a rock product factory.

For the pulp, paper, and energy industries, we provide for example bearing brackets and bearing housing, and acquire casting preforms. We also have strong expertise in welded and steel structures. Our wood and forest industry products include central joints of heavy-duty work machinery.

The sea industry business area consists of equipment manufacturers, turnkey suppliers, and shipbuilding, repair and offshore shipyards. We provide for this sector components, machining of welded parts relating to container handling equipment, and welded steel structures.

Together with the LEKO Group we offer our customers a turnkey solution model that provides access to a flexible and managed sub-contractor network in many business areas.

Extractive industry

TK-Vilmet - Extractive industry

Wood and forest industry

TK-Vilmet - Wood and forest industry

Offshore industry

TK-Vilmet - Offshore industry

Paper and pulp industry

TK-Vilmet - Paper and pulp industry

Recycling industry

TK-Vilmet - Recycling industry

Sea and shipyard industry

TK-Vilmet - Sea and shipyard industry

Energy industry

TK-Vilmet - Energy industry

Machining industry

TK-Vilmet - Machining industry